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Why NIV with Med Emporium?

Our team provides stability in the face of changing patients need by delivering:

  • Increased patient comfort and quality of life
  • Ease of transition to invasive ventilation if needed.
  • Overall reduction in health care costs.
  • Specialized billing needs.

Increased patient comfort and quality of life

  • Excessive pressure is avoided when patients are meeting their set demands on their own.
  • Devices are portable and mobile.
  • Safety features give “peace of mind” in the form of battery backup, alarms, and the ability to provide a secondary device (based on qualification).
  • When patient’s intrinsic respiratory function declines, the device will step up and meet their needs without any intervention from them or their caregivers.
  • Study data shows that ALS patients live an average of six months longer when using volume-based NIV versus traditional BiPAP.
  • Some patients who elect not to undergo tracheostomy, but do not have severe bulbar dysfunction, may live significantly longer even though they elect not to have the tracheostomy.
  • Provide peace of mind for the user. Increased safety features in the form of battery backup, alarms, and the ability to provide a secondary device (based on qualification).
  • Newest modes such as Average Volume Assured Pressure Support (AVAPS), AVAPS-AE, and Mouth Piece Ventilation (MPV) are available.


Ease of transition to invasive ventilation if needed.

  • Patients and caregivers can continue to use the same device they are comfortable with even after tracheostomy placement.
  • This can reduce hospitalization after placement of tracheostomy by several days to a week by minimizing previously required training for discharge.


Overall reduction in health care costs.

  • NIV, when administered properly, has been proven to reduce hospitalization days and reduce unnecessary hospital readmissions.
  • One-year rental of a noninvasive ventilator can be offset by prevention of as little as one 30 day readmission with COPD as the primary diagnosis. The average cost of a readmission with COPD as the primary diagnosis is approximately $8,400. (source: http://www.hcup-us.ahrq.gov/reports/statbriefs/sb121.pdf)
  • All supplies, maintenance, therapist time, and calibration are included in the rental of these devices.



Specialized billing needs.

  • Med Emporium is a contracted supplier for both Medicare and Medicaid in North and South Carolina, as well as numerous private insurance carriers.
  • Extensive audit and compliance history in this category. There is no Local Coverage Determination for Ventilators so it is important to work with a company that is knowledgeable about billing and paperwork requirements. This reduces denials for equipment and reduces the amount of work the MD and their staff have to do to correct insurance/billing errors
  • All cases are audited by Med Emporium staff prior to initiation of contact or therapy and any concerns are addressed immediately, which prevents confusion, delays, and additional work on the back end.
  • No transfer of ownership to the patient
  • These devices are non-capped rentals by most insurance companies.
  • This means that the patient is never responsible for any maintenance or repair of the device (except in cases of abuse and neglect).
  • All preventive maintenance and calibration costs are covered by this rental agreement.
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