The MED Advantage


Clinical Monitoring

  • Full alarm capabilities are available.
  • Detailed download reports are easily obtained, which can be placed in PDF format easy emailing, printing and interpretation by your clinical team.
  • Patients receive ongoing clinical respiratory visits for as long as they use this device. This is required by most state accreditation bodies. Respiratory therapist visit frequency is determined by the initial plan of care, which is approved by the ordering physician.
  • Each Med Emporium NIV patient is assigned a primary respiratory therapist who follows them regularly and is familiar with their individual needs.
  • In-office, on-call respiratory therapist during business hours to handle routine questions and 24 hour on-call service for after-hours questions and concerns.


Pulmonary Management

  • Med Emporium’s respiratory therapists work closely with pulmonologists or primary care physicians to develop individualized care plans, determine frequency of follow up visits, and monitor patient’s progress on their prescribed therapies.
  • Our respiratory therapists have on average 15 years of experience in clinical respiratory care and receive continuing education on the latest respiratory technologies, therapies, and best practices.
  • We provide detailed training that is not limited to your equipment needs. We will educate each patient and their caregiving team on disease management and techniques available to assist in managing exacerbations of your disease.
  • Med Emporium will work with each patient’s transitional care team to build a program that will reduce the risk of unnecessary hospital readmission.



Available Equipment

  • We have a wide range of respiratory devices from leading manufacturers to suit each patient’s individual need.
  • We will work with other providers if equipment has been or must be received through other contracted suppliers (i.e. if they already have oxygen from another provider, we will ensure that the needed items are provided to integrate the two devices)


Med Emporium’s therapy programs are diagnosis driven and may not be appropriate for all respiratory conditions.

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